Today on JS (zero)

Hi! I will be trying to note down my progress on hashnode. This was recommended me to by my friend, been an inspiration to me. Currently, at the writing of this article, I am a Btech CSE 4th year student, looking for internships and opportunities; I have been learning JS from the Chai aur code's JS Hindi Playlist which has been an absolute banger I have already completed about 40% of the course and will be consistent with it. My goal is to write about topics I learned; Cheers!


I learned about scopes and how they work in JS. It was quite interesting to know that after declaring in a scope the "var" declaration can be changed outside of scope, which poses a huge problem .

There are also nested scopes as well, Nested scope can access elements of its parent scope but the vice versa isn't true

Hoisting :

Need to grasp this concept. As the function is called before its declaration, it works but, if the function is assigned to a variable then we are unable to do it and it will throw an error

I am just a beginner at writing blocks my grammar and english isn't perfect as it is not my first language, if you have any suggestion feel free to reach me out!